This page contains some helpful audio and video resources that can deepen your understanding of instinctive meditation.

Alison Potts – There’s Opportunity in Everything: At The Heart of It | Yoga and Other Tools for Life

with Julie Smerdon

I met Alison Potts back in 2012 when she joined my teacher training. Her journey with her self-described guardian angel, Multiple Sclerosis, has been an inspiration to me since the day I met her.  But more than that, she’s had an extraordinary life, from the halls of the iconic Broadcasting House at the BBC in London to her journey as a yoga and meditation teacher here in Australia, to her remarkable strategy for life with MS. We talk about the importance of really listening, both to our bodies and to our inner wisdom, playing with balance, and the importance of unearthing our core wounds and beliefs so that we can move forward whole, and in joy.

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The Act of Meditation – Here I chat with Stacey and Matt of The Chief Life podcast which gives you front row access to some of the most brilliant minds in health, nutrition and fitness.


What Is Intuitive Meditation – I had a great chat with Danni Poplun for his Yogi Misfits series about the intuitive naturalness and dynamism of meditation.





A Spacious Approach to Meditation – In this talk on my SoundCloud Channel I introduce this approach to meditation that may surprise you yet be surprisingly familiar as it comes from within your own individual being and cherishes it. Check out the channel and find your freedom in meditation.




How Meditation Empowers Healing: Excerpts   In an interview with Denise Stewart of The Breast Cancer Rehabilitation World Summit, I describe a meditation approach which is instictive and all about the individual. Joy, passion and anger can all be considered meditation moments. Become a magnet to the things that give you pleasure and bring healing to the body.


I offer Minute Meditations  and short chats on FaceBook and Instagram for when you want to micro-dose your meditation.





Top Hacks for Getting Into a Meditation Habit: Speaking on the Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis podcast, I talk about the importance of finding time for ourselves and cultivating an inner space that can welcome everything we are feeling and experiencing without a need to perform, filter or block. This is Instinctive Meditation, an approach to meditation which is so relevant, rewarding and effortless that meditation feels luxurious and supportive, rather than a chore. Click here to listen to the podcast.

The next 4 resources were developed as part of a series of short videos I created for Overcoming MS, where I am a regular contributor on meditation and wellness.

  1. There are No Rules in Meditation: Do you ever feel like you’re doing meditation ‘wrong’ or feel that you’re not sure what you should or shouldn’t be doing? Watch this video where I share some tips for understanding that there are no rules in meditation.
  2. This video shows how you can Make Meditations Delicious. Click here to watch.
  3. In this video, I explain why it is important to Cultivate a Sanctuary when you meditate, and how you can do this. Click here to watch.
  4. Finally, in this video I introduce the meditation technique of Remembered Wellness. While I developed it with MS in mind, it is universally applicable to all wellness contexts. Click here to watch.