You are the most amazing person that one can have in their life as a mentor, a teacher, a guide, as a female role model, as a human being role model, as an old soul that is giving that fundamental, unshakeable, unapologetic confirmation that being a sensitive soul is not just okay but it is freaking awesome.  It is so much fun! The fullness of life that I am experiencing right now, I have never felt before.

Coaching Client

To be honest you are the only person who I have ever spoken with who I feel has genuinely helped me and who demonstrates what I believe is a genuine concern and compassion for me and for what you do as a mentor. I have visited other professionals (psychologist, councellor, GP) in the past but to be honest they do not provide any real strategies (as you have) and also they do not seem to really care at all, but you do. That means so much to me, I want you to know that.

Coaching Client

Alison is a deeply intelligent and intuitive teacher, one that I’m proud to host in my studio and one in whom I’m completely confident when referring students. Her work is comprehensive, well researched and accessible to people from all walks of life. Alison has a unique ability to capture and communicate the nuances of meditation with captivating authenticity and passion. She teaches from a place of deep experience, and has an uncanny ability to read and understand the needs of each individual she works with. With so much confusion and misinformation circulating around the practice of meditation, Alison is a beacon. She’ll help you find your way to an authentic form of meditation that will be not only sustainable, but enjoyable. I can’t recommend her enough.

Julie Smerdon, Owner and Director, Shri Yoga, Brisbane

Alison continually impresses me with her generous heart and keen intelligence. She carries a deep comprehension of the inner journey of meditation and how to individualise the practice to suit one’s nature. When Alison expresses her experience in our trainings or workshops, her contributions are always valuable, compassionate, and illuminating. She is a natural teacher and gifted communicator. What a joy and a treasure!

Camille Maurine, Author of Meditation Secrets for Women

I went to see Alison when I was diagnosed with bi polar. I was after an alternative to drugs to stabilise my moods. Alison’s one on one meditation class allowed me to have a guaranteed space once a week to meditate  and re focus. The sessions give me clarity and energy to stabilise my moods and express any feelings or anxiety that I was feeling.  She has a calming style and is an excellent listener.   Her meditations go beyond relaxation to help you understand yourself and your thoughts.  Alison is a great teacher and I recommend her to anyone in the same situation.  

L M (coaching client)

I had never been to any meditation sessions before meeting Alison and since starting weekly classes with her I have discovered so much of the inner “me”. Alison has a great way of shining a light into your soul to help you discover things about yourself that you knew were there but never had the encouragement to bring them out. Through the mediation sessions with Alison I have learned so much more about myself and the potential within.

A P (coaching client)

What you will find from undertaking Meditation with Alison is like no other. She hears you; tunes in to you; sees you and responds to you deeply and truly. She has a unique gift and a beautiful transportive way of understanding and allowing you to see straight to the heart of the matter [ or unlocking the heart of the matter].  Having Alison for Meditation is like being taken by the hand and being guided through your lifes journey through self discovery, insights – an inspirational guide that will lead you to your life’s true path.  Meeting Alison is a privilege, a life changing experience.

T T (coaching client)

I am forever grateful to Alison for showing me how to fully experience the joy, richness and potential that life offers. Through her meditation sessions, I learnt how to be fully present and let go of past worries and life stresses. I was previously living in a state of distraction, exhaustion and life was passing me by. Through her meditation sessions, I have adopted a life of patience, kindness and have a sharper perspective on life. I have a clearer sense of who I am and have let go of my fears and self judgement. Thank you so much Alison – mediation has changed my life for the better. I will be recommending meditation to all my family and friends.

J J (coaching client)

I truly didn’t know what to expect from our sessions but I am loving them and I just wanted to thank you so very much for helping me remember the things I truly love (and find some new ones too!)

K B (coaching client)

Alison Potts is Brisbane’s most dynamic, engaging and joyful meditation teacher. Learning from Alison has helped me to create a meditation practice that suits my busy life as a mother of 3 young boys. I can happily say that I bounce out of bed in the morning now, ready to put myself first so that I can give the best of myself to my family and career. I am so grateful to Alison for dedicating herself to refining her teaching skills, and I can’t wait to learn more from her in the future.

Alison Sykes, Owner Clear Skies Yoga

Alison has been working with me for a few years now. I just love coming to her private and group sessions…I always leave feeling energised and spiritually lifted. . I came to Alison at a very difficult time in my life. With patience and guidance, Alison has managed to get me through this.  I have recently had major back surgery and her calm, caring, beautiful soul has supported me every step of the way.  I had never meditated before, but now I have found a style I love. Alison’s voice comes from the depths of her heart, and is relaxing and at the same time awakening, penetrating the insides of my body. Alison is also a great human with a big heart who cares for the people around her.


I am so grateful to call Alison one of my meditation teachers. I have had the privilege of experiencing Alison’s teaching in group classes, one on one and workshop settings. Her ability to hold space for others is incredible, creating a space that you feel safe and supported to explore your innate curiosities. She makes meditation feel natural and delightful, in a way that feels like a lost part of yourself returning. Alison has a true gift in supporting each individual to reconnect back to their truest nature. Thank you Ali, for always being a student as well, so that you can continue to shine your passion and light into the world.


Alison is that rare person in the world today, a meditation guide who will listen to you and allow you the space and time to evolve your own meditation practice, by accessing your inner wisdom. And isn’t that where we need our meditation practices to lead us?
Lorin Roche, PhD, author of The Radiance Sutras

I find the way you teach and explain really suits my own thinking – in the one workshop I attended you made me realise that I am worthy of my own love and that meditation is a personal thing – it takes many different forms and that is fine – I love that! I have spent ages trying to be still and stop my mind with other meditations (and felt like a bit of a failure on that front)! I have now created my own little space where I can have time to myself since your workshop – meditation has been affirmations, reflections on my day, celebration of things I’m thankful for and I’m loving every minute. My minds and body has never felt better.

S B (Coaching Client)

In just one session Alison introduced me to my soul in a way I had never experienced before. She doesn’t tell you who you are or what you should feel or do, Alison is a true leader because she empowers you to re-discover your own unique essence. Alison creates a space of total allowance, facilitating a journey deep into your own being. She teaches you to honour your feelings and thoughts rather than silencing them. This approach is welcomed by the mind and body which is hurt and tired of being told it must be different to be valued in this world. It is obvious as soon as you meet Alison that she is driven by a pure desire to uplift others therefore making her teachings incredibly valuable and powerful. Her refreshing approach to mediation is the perfect antidote to the pressures of living in this world, her concept and insights have trickled into my life having a profound effect on my everyday approach to life. Alison is an inspiration, she helps you to remember that you are perfect creation as you are and that your true power comes when you love and celebrate yourself.

E B (Coaching Client)

I feel so seen and understood and that is brilliant.

Mentoring Client

I have done two of your Magic Hours at Inna Bliss and I just wanted to say thank you. You have such poise and clarity in your thoughts, wisdom and great insight into the nature of reality. I find it very inspiring. It’s rare to find someone like your self!

Magic Hour Student

Thank you for being you. Seeing your posts on Instagram, and listening to your meditations on sound cloud, always make me feel safe and remind me its okay to be me. Exactly as I am. This has been a great support lately.


I listen and read bits of other people talking about, or doing meditations, and I just can’t believe how many I just stop reading or listening to as the whole clear your mind, don’t move, sit still rubbish is involved. I would believe that was the correct way, if I hadn’t been introduced to you, and it would just be something I was down on myself for not being able to do.


You are an incredible talent.  You are such an amazing source of wisdom.

Coaching Client