Developing Health and Resilience in the Work Place

Workplace stress can be a major risk factor for employee health and productivity. It is fair to say that the ability to manage a demanding workload and maintain a healthy work-life balance is a major concern of every member of the corporate workforce.

Managed well, the right amount of stress has a positive impact on staff motivation, enthusiasm, performance and productivity.  However, there is a tipping point in every individual between the amount of stress that fuels ambition, determination and focus and that which becomes anxiety, scattered thinking, lack of focus, reduced motivation, irritability and poor conflict resolution, with reduced performance and productivity.  Disturbed sleeping and eating patterns and other physical and personal home-life impacts clearly add to the problem.

A company’s morale and culture is influenced significantly by the emotional and physical wellbeing of the individuals it employs.  A company which prioritizes staff wellbeing and has the knowledge and resources to recognize the components of work-place stress and how to manage it effectively, is rewarded by employee confidence and loyalty as well as the obvious benefits to overall performance and productivity. There is robust evidence of the value of regular meditation and awareness practices in the workplace. These practices are based on an approach which honours a person’s individual nature and needs. They enable staff to understand their relationship to particular stressors and to make adjustments and instigate strategies to support their emotional and physical well-being.

There are many benefits of using regular meditation and self-care practices in the workplace. The benefits include both developing employee ability to adjust to and manage daily work-place stresses and thrive under pressure as well as supporting development of a sustainable, high-performing culture.

I offer a flexible, natural and individuality-honouring approach to meditation and inner practices which:

  • Enhances wellbeing and vitality
  • Increases resilience to stress
  • Allows you to thrive under pressure
  • Promotes natural repair, rest and renewal
  • Strengthens sense of self
  • Re-ignites enthusiasm and motivation
  • Nourishes creativity and originality
  • Enhances effectiveness and impact in all aspects of life

Flexible solutions tailored to individual and business needs

Many of my clients are professionals and business owners who have discovered the benefits meditation can bring both to their professional lives and to achieving a sustainable work – life balance.

Support for workplace wellbeing can be tailored to specific company and individual needs, and services include:

Workplace Group Sessions: 45-75 minute sessions for between 6 and 15 colleagues as part of your team’s wellness program. Bespoke workshops can be provided in office conference rooms or boardrooms on-site. Sessions can be held at the start of day, lunchtime or after work— whatever fits best with your group needs.

Individual Coaching: One-to-one sessions of one hour conducted in client office or a small break-out room. Can be integrated into the working day. Suited for  executives and others with leadership responsibility.

Contact me for more information or to a arrange to meet to discuss your workplace wellbeing needs.Deloitte whole room

Photo: Meditation Session During Deloitte Consulting Away Day, 2017

“We were fortunate to have Alison join our corporate wellness day and host a session on meditation. She was able to speak with great authority on the subject, having lived her own busy executive life. Alison shared practical tips and the attendees got a lot out of the session. She was easy to work with and collaborative in the planning of the session.”

Director, Deloitte Australia