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100hr Meditation Immersion and Teacher Training


** The 2020 Training Course is now underway. Contact me to register interest in the 2021 course. **

I am delighted to annouce the Innate Being Meditation Immersion and Teacher Training, launching in 2020 and hosted by Inna Bliss Yoga.

This unique course offers an inspiring and informed exploration of a natural, relevant and life-affirming approach to inner practice and meditation in its broadest sense.

While it aims to develop teachers, coaches and other practitioners in facilitating healthy inner practices in their students and clients across a wide range of contexts, the training also provides a wonderful immersive experience for those focused solely on developing their own personal journey.

I have developed this course based on my experience with clients over several years and in response to requests to provide a deeper, immersive experience in meditation.

The course focuses on contact hours, personal and teaching practice, group study and discussion and is enriched by the inclusion of gifted, experienced guest presenters offering areas of specialist focus.

Held at the beautiful, light-filled Inna Bliss Yoga studio in Camp Hill, the course runs from August until November 2020.

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About Instinctive Meditation

The gift of meditation is that it allows us to enter more deeply into the thrill and wonder of being alive. Everyone has access to meditation – it is innate, it is built-in, it is our birthright. It is a universal phenomenon. Meditative experiences arise spontaneously whenever we are paying attention in a loving way.

Instinctive meditation is a flexible, natural and individuality-honouring approach to inner practice which recognises that there are skills we can cultivate to enter our inner space and open up the currents of our instinctive wisdom and inner healing. It celebrates experiential learning and draws also from neuroscience, psychology and spiritual life in the broadest sense. It recognises the strong traditions of instinctive meditation that have developed since the beginning of time.

Instinctive meditation favours the path of feeling and embodiment to initiate healing and strengthen our engagement with life. The practice recognizes that individuals’ private inner lives are unique and sacred and encourages teaching approaches which hold space for that and which facilitate freedom rather than impose restriction. It is an accessible, healthy and rewarding approach to inner practice and can be accessed by everyone in every possible context.

What are the Benefits of Instinctive Meditation and Where Can It Be Taught?

Meditation is an essential deeply rewarding tool for self-care, wellbeing and personal growth. Facilitated in healthy ways, it can be used to strengthen our individuality, self-relationship and connection to others. It increases our sense of pleasure, thrill and wonder at being alive. It has impact on our emotional, physical and spiritual thriving.

It is possible to learn and cultivate healthy and thrilling ways of tuning into the intuitive wisdom of our body, heart and spirit as well as developing the vital art of healing anything that is getting in the way of our self-love, self-worth and individual expression.

Some examples where meditation can be used include:

  • In yoga classes and workshops
  • In workplaces, schools and universities
  • In alternative and mainstream health and wellness settings
  • To support treatment of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, addiction and eating disorders
  • With children, parents and parents-to-be, in aged care, palliative care, prison, schools and in supporting those with disabilities and chronic illness
  • Within a personal coaching context, in both private and work place settings

Facilitated in this approach meditation can be taught in schools and universities, psychology practices, alternative and mainstream health, yoga classes, retreats, a range of therapeutic environments and in individual coaching.

Who Is this Training For?

This training has been specifically created from a desire to propagate the practice and facilitation of healthy meditation far and wide so that as many people as possible can reap the mental, emotional and spiritual benefits that can result from a thriving inner life.

The training is therefore intended for three broad categories of participant:

  • Those with an interest in inner practices who wish to deepen their understanding and experience
  • Those who wish to specialise in teaching meditation
  • Teachers, clinical practitioners and coaches of all kinds who wish to learn how to incorporate meditation in enhancing the service they deliver to their students, patients and clients

What Will I learn from the Training?

The overall vision for the course is that participants:

  • will leave feeling they are in a rich, regular and developing personal meditation practice
  • are confident they can facilitate meditation for others and have a developing sense of their own style and approach
  • will understand the precepts of instinctive meditation and the values of a sensitive use of language that promotes engagement and embodiment rather than detachment and witnessing
  • will develop an understanding of personal gateways, cherishing instincts and individuality and a repertoire of different styles and ideas for facilitating meditation in a range of contexts
  • will learn how to facilitate healthy meditation that allows each student to have their own unique experience


Course Curriculum

  • The Principles of Instinctive Meditation & Key Skills of a Meditation Teacher

  • Meditation History and Philosophy. Pitfalls and Problems Within the Meditation Teaching Arena

  • Making Meditation Healthy: The importance and benefits of inner practice and self-care tools; the science of meditation

  • Creating an Inner Sanctuary and Full Mind-Body Welcome, understanding the Stress-Relaxation Response in humans

  • A Dynamic Approach – embracing the path of feeling and experience.

  • Cherishing Individuality, Instincts, Inner Guide and Sacred Inner Space

  • Developing Personal Gateways to Meditation

  • Healthy and transforming ways of being with thoughts, feelings, instincts and embodiment in Inner Practice

  • Enlivening our senses & Falling in love with breathing

  • Meditation off the Mat – micro practices; making meditation and ally of life and vice versa; living meditation 24-7

  • Meditation for Mental Health & Trauma-Sensitive Approaches

  • Active and Restorative Yoga and Meditation, Mantra, Mudra, organic movement and sound

  • Teaching Skills: tuning in, facilitating healthy inner practice, creating freedom for individuality, respecting the validity of personal experience, using sensitive language and cues, creating space for inner experience, teaching from the heart, class planning, theming and methods of inspiration, continuing personal development and inner work

  • Teaching in a range of contexts – classes, workshops and private mentoring; facilitating to special communities, supporting workplace, health and educational needs and setting up your business.

  • Key Attributes of an Instinctive Meditation Facilitator and Taking the Seat of Teacher –Empowering your personal self-care and abilities, being confident, genuine and living and loving what you teach!


Teaching Faculty

Alison Potts

Principal Teacher

(teacher biography)


Alison Sykes

Guest Teacher

(teacher biography)


Emma Baker

Guest Teacher

(teacher biography)


Tabatha Smith

Guest Teacher

(teacher biography)




Dates of Training

6 Day intensive : Tuesday August 25th – Sunday August 30th

Weekend 1 : September 12th – 13th

Weekend 2: September 26th – 27th

Weekend 3: October 10th – 11th

Weekend 4: October 24th – 25th

Final weekend: November 7th – 8th

* All class-based training will take place at the Inna Bliss Yoga studio in Camp Hill.

Weekday Times: 8.30am – 4.30pm. Weekend Times: Saturdays: 10.30am – 5.30pm and Sundays: 9.30am – 3.00pm

A 90% attendance rate is required by all participants for full completion and certification of the course.


Contact Hours & Accreditation

The above mentioned schedule will provide 95 hours of direct contact time with an additional 5 hours allocated for personal work.

In addition to these formal learning activities, participants will be expected to develop their personal meditation practices in their own time and will be offered “homework prompts” for each area covered. While there is no prescription for this, daily practice is advised.

Every attendee who completes the full training will receive a certificate of completion. Yoga teachers who have completed a recognised 200hr training will also be eligible for Continuing Education points with Yoga Alliance.



Full course cost : $2400 or $2250 (if deposit paid before December 31st, 2019)

A $600 OR $450 early bird (before December 31st) (non-refundable) deposit is due by all applicants upon successful acceptance into the course

Full balance of the course fees of $1800 are due by June 30th, 2020

For further details about course fees, payment options and payment plans please refer to the Inna Bliss Yoga website.


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Applications and course payment and administration is via the Inna Bliss Yoga website.

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