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“If, like me, you know all about the benefits of meditating but have struggled with implementing traditional meditation practices then Alison is for you.  Alison has gently guided me through the tools that I needed to reconnect with who I am and to create a truly joyful meditation practice that I know will serve me for a very long time.”   (Client)

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You are unique.

There will never be another you.

That is the gift of your life and something to be treasured.

And you can continue to find ways to be “more you”.

When we are challenged and overwhelmed we can lose connection to that gift, the power of our individuality and all the resources and instinctive wisdom we have to bring to whatever we are called to show up to in our rich and unpredictable lives.

I offer teaching, individual and workplace coaching and resources to empower you to create the best possible self care and lifestyle conditions for your thriving at home, at work and in all your relationships.  I am your ally and guide on your journey to be your own unconditional self-advocate  and skilful inner coach. I help you discover and nurture your inner wisdom, instincts and inspiration and to work through challenges by retrieving your relationship with your deep self.

A major part of my offering is a natural, intuitive approach to meditation that may surprise you, yet at the same time feel surprisingly familiar  – since it comes from within your own individual being and cherishes your uniqueness.

I specialise in working with people experiencing the journey of chronic illness, anxiety and depression.  However, I also work with many individuals who simply want to keep their routes into themselves healthy and alive through practices of self tending and those who want to engage in a healthy, natural, relevant approach to meditation.


Alison Potts

Principal Teacher and Founder, Innate Being Meditation

Alison Potts is a meditation teacher, teacher trainer, mentor, speaker and writer who has dedicated the last decade to developing and sharing practices for greater self-connection, self-worth and thriving.

Alison is a regular presenter of workshops and courses in Brisbane and runs wellness retreats in Australia and internationally. Her library of audio guided meditations – available on her website, via SoundCloud and through the meditation ap Insight Timer – has over a quarter of a million listens, supporting users in self-care and inner thriving, including increasing vitality, managing anxiety and enhancing sleep.

Alison writes extensively on self-care and wellbeing. Her articles have appeared in numerous publications including BBC Online, Australian Yoga Journal, Elephant Journal and The Mighty. She is a member of the writers’ collective at Shut Up Yoga and is a regular contributor of blogs and guided meditations to the global organization Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis and their app. She has appeared on several podcasts.

Alison was the first meditation teacher in Australia to be certified in Instinctive Meditation by Dr Lorin Roche, the key developer of instinctive meditation in the western world. This training built on her university studies in comparative religion which focused on ancient spirituality and the idea of an intuitive impulse in humans for perceiving and connecting to the bigger energies of life’s mystery. Her honours degree dissertation was on the sacred in everyday life.

She has strong interest in mental health and how this is supported via neuro-plasticity, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, trauma-sensitive approaches and somatic healing techniques.

Alison’s work is also influenced by own healing journey with Multiple Sclerosis. She is passionate about developing and sharing inner practices to optimize emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. She offers personal mentoring from her workspace the Innate Being Meditation Lounge and internationally by Zoom, facilitating her clients to reconnect to the currents of guidance, inspiration, wisdom and intuition which live inside them and to cultivate the art of being themselves.

Above all, Alison teaches from the heart of her own experience, the wisdom of her brilliant students and a passion for individuality and individual embodiment. Her work facilitates people of all kinds to renew their love of life, thrive in their individuality and reclaim their innate sense of freedom, spontaneity and joy.

Experience and qualifications

  • Meditation coach and presenter of meditation workshops and courses
  • Runs wellness retreats in Australia and internationally
  • Yoga Alliance Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-R-Y-T)
  • Registered Senior Teacher with Meditation Australia
  • Certified Meditation Teacher following over 300 hours private mentoring under Lorin Roche, PhD (Yoga Alliance 200 hours)
  • Graduate of Camille Maurine’s “Meditation Secrets for Women” training
  • Faculty member of Inna Bliss Yoga, Brisbane and facilitator of the meditation component of the “Live Your Bliss” 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training
  • Faculty member of the international Radiance Sutras Teacher Training
  • Holds a Bachelor of Arts (First Class Hons) in Comparative Religion and a Post Graduate Certificate in Anthropology and Social Sciences

“Alison is that rare person in the world today, a meditation guide who will listen to you and allow you the space and time to evolve your own meditation practice, by accessing your inner wisdom. And isn’t that where we need our meditation practices to lead us.”