Life Affirming Meditation For Real Life


Meditation can be amazing fun.  Our bodies and our beings long to do it and love to do it.  Within us, we have more neurons than there are stars in the galaxy: signals and messengers lighting pathways within us which are gateways to experiencing all the treasures of life.  When we spend time in deep awareness of ourselves and allow whatever wants to unfold within us to do so in an atmosphere of total welcome and self-embrace, magic happens, healing happens and we find ourselves meeting infinity.  21st century people make excellent meditators.  Our busy lives are rich with connections, inward and outward. We are full of all kinds of things.  Meditation is a time when all of these can come together and weave together and support and love and make music with each other.  When we meditate like this, experiencing ourselves “tuning in” and “tuning up”, we feel in tune with all of creation.



A personalised practice

We are born to be alive and to be our full, real selves in this magical-mystery adventure we call life. What we really feel matters.  What we really desire, counts for everything.  Our yearnings, sensations, desires and passions – everything that is within us – are our connection to life.  Innate means “in built” “instinctive” “coming from within”.  The very things we love and want to do naturally and spontaneously are often our clearest gateways to meditation and to a longed-for reunion with ourselves in the magic of the life force.  When we meditate like this, we encounter our vitality and enjoy playing and exploring there.  We are literally renewed by life.  Imagine how powerful and healing it is, to be touched by all the fingers of life, as if receiving internal bodywork. This is what it is like to meditate naturally and instinctively.  As a meditation teacher and guide, cherish the fact that we are all individual and unique and that tapping into our unique essence and bathing there, is the key to a rewarding, l-enhancing – and often, life changing – meditation practice. I am there alongside you as your ally on your meditation journey and am able to offer myriad techniques that you can make work just for you, as well as helping you unlock the best meditation there is – the techniques and practises that come from within yourself.

Ancient Wisdom- Modern Lives

Meditation is a very ancient practise. People all over the world have been meditating for thousands of years. There are schools of meditation in almost every culture and spirituality, but long before these existed, we can assume people were exploring meditation intuitively.  Instinctively, all of us have a natural urge to meditate – to journey deep inside ourselves, if only for a moment, to the core of our being and experience something profound, connecting and renewing. Meditation is a way of accessing inner wisdom and intuition.  Extraordinary expressions of creativity have their seeds in our deep, inner lives. Our relationship to everything in the world begins with what is inside of us.  Turning within, to our source, to our home, is the most natural thing in the world to. In these moments, we allow life to feed us.

About Alison

Meditation Teacher,  Owner and Principle Teacher at Brisbane Yoga Tree and Innate Being. Writer, healer and guide. I was formerly a radio producer at the BBC in London and Publicity Manager for the BBC’s live music events.

I am passionate about the practices of self connection, self embrace and cherishing all one’s sacred instincts.

I have meditated instinctively all my life. All my life I have heard a vibration, “a hum” underlying everything in the universe.  Even as a child, I felt magically drawn to spending time gazing at the sky and the clouds, at the night sky and the moon and stars, feeling the vibration of that hum and feeling as though I were travelling in infinity without leaving my being. I was brought up in an agnostic family but I cannot remember a time, even in my youngest years, when I wasn’t called by some sense of spiritual life. As I grew with this, I became fascinated by all the world’s spirituality and particularly the human ache, urge or longing, to experience something “higher” or “deeper.”  My degree is Comparative Religion and my final thesis was on the sacred in every day life.

Looking back, I can see how my innate practices fortified me when things were tough. I had a vivid imagination and spent as much time as possible outside, in nature, daydreaming and visiting all kinds of mystic worlds. I  experienced some difficult things, but always had a place to recover, to rebuild, to experience something other than what I was going through. In this way, I stayed close to my instincts and my guides.

Life is challenging and as much as I have experienced connection I have had periods of tremendously painful and sometimes very dangerous, connection.  Then, 25 years ago, I met a challenge that forced me to commit truly to a journey to reclaim my connection to my instincts  when I was diagnosed with MS. At that time, there was no treatment or cure for MS and I faced an unpredictable future with no guidance except for what I knew must exist within me. So began a magical journey of healing and self discovery – ultimately I discovered that living from the inside, cherishing your instincts, honouring and celebrating your deepest needs and desires and being in a daily practice of welcoming and tending to all parts of yourself, is the key to thriving in life. My passion for sharing this by teaching a meditation of connection comes from having travelled the path and found in it, the universe.

In 2008,  I  left my lifelong career in the media to deepen my yoga practice. I  moved to Australia in 2010 where I studied with world class yoga teacher Julie Smerdon at Shri Yoga in Brisbane. I qualified as a Yoga Teacher at 200 hours as recognised by Yoga Alliance in 2012.

In 2013 I met Dr Lorin Roche,  the pioneer of instinctive meditation techniques, author of  The Radiance Sutras and a number of books on meditation and a meditation trainer of over three decades.  I have studied with  Dr Roche ever since and am privileged to have him as my mentor and teaching supervisor.

I am on the Faculty of the international The Radiance Sutras Teacher Training and Live Your Bliss Teacher Training in Brisbane, both accredited by the Yoga Alliance.

I have been published in BBC Online, Australian Yoga Journal, Smart Healthy Woman Magazine, Active In Brisbane, Red Magazine, The Bliss Blog, The Shri Blog and am a regular contributor of blogs and guided meditations to the global organisation Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis.

“Alison is that rare person in the world today, a meditation guide who will listen to you and allow you the space and time to evolve your own meditation practice, by accessing your inner wisdom. And isn’t that where we need our meditation practices to lead us.”